Online seminar

Democracy and Autonomy

from 11 to 15 October 2021

This event is an invitation to rethink local and global autonomy and democracy by four different and complementary perspectives on Autonomy, Economy, Natural Resourcesand Education for the Future.

The common thread between these approaches is autonomy in the philosophical sense of the term: the capacity of the human will to self-determine, free from external subjugating factors but with the awareness of its social interdependence and with all the other living beings on the planet.

The meetings will open for dialogue and sharing among the participants of the event, on the Zoom platform.


  • 9:00 CO, PE, EC, CDMX
  • 10:00 VE, PY, BO
  • 11:00 AR, BR, CL, UY, CL
  • 16:00 CET
  • 7:00 CA (USA)


· Duration: 55 minutes

· Closing round table: 90 min

· Simultaneous translation: english, spanish and portuguese.

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October 11

GERALD HÄFNER: "Democracy, Autonomy and human development."

Co-founder of the German Green Party, co-founder of More Democracy and Democracy International, and current director of the Social Science Section at the Goetheanum.

October 12

CÍCERO BLEY: "Democracy, Autonomy and Natural Resources"

Founder of the International Biogas Centre CIBiogas at the Itaipu Technology Park, Founder of the International Centre for Hydroinformatics Itaipu/Unesco, Co-founder and president of the Brazilian Biogas and Methane Association, CEO of Bley Energies - Strategies and Solutions.

October 13

JOAN MELÉ: "Democracy, Autonomy and the role of financial capital."

Chairman of the Board in Fundación Dinero y Conciencia. Main promotor and spokesperson for Banca Ética Latinoamericana, backing up a financing model which seeks to provide funding to projects with a positive social and environmental impact.

October 14

OTTO SCHARMER: "Democracy, Autonomy and Education for the future"

Co-founder of Presencing Institute, Theory U and GAIA Journey (Global Activation of Intention and Action)

October 15


Round table for the closing of the Seminar, with the participation of Gerald Häfner, Cícero Bley, Joan Melé and Wilson Nobre.

Wilson Nobre

Janine Saponara


The meetings from the 11th to 14th will be facilitated by Wilson Nobre and the round table on the 15th will be facilitated by Janine Saponara.