Third Equity Fundraising Round

of Banca Etica


Banca Etica Latinoamericana is a financial group whose mission is to promote the growth of companies and organizations that have a positive impact on the lives of people and on the planet.

Our purpose is to canalize investments towards three areas that we consider key to face the challenges we have in common in Latin America: Education and Culture, Social Development and Environment.

To this end, we operate through agile financing instruments, such as crowdlending and impact investment funds, in the markets of Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. And we always integrate the experience of our investors with the development of our organization.

We invite you to learn more about Banca Ética so that you too can be a protagonist in this process of transforming the economy that we are promoting throughout the continent.

The challenges we face in terms of integration, inequality, climate change and cultural development cannot wait.
Days: August 9th and August 12th
Schedule: 9 San Francisco / 12 New York, Montreal, Santiago / 17 London / 18 CEST, Johannesburg.
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